PolkaDot Godiva Strawberries Dark Chocolate 5G

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Packaging Type: Box
Product Type: Mushroom Chocolate
Purpose: Food
Variety used: Psilocybe cubensis
Mushroom Blend: 5 grams
Grams per piece: 333mg
Product Brand: PolkaDot
Serving Size: 3-15 Pieces
Servings per bar: 5


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Imagine sinking your teeth into a velvety smooth, rich, and indulgent chocolate experience that transports you to a world of pure bliss. The kind that makes your senses tingle and your taste buds do the happy dance. Welcome to Polkadot Godiva Strawberries Dark Chocolate, a luxurious culinary masterpiece that perfectly blends rich, velvety dark chocolate, juicy, succulent strawberries, and the unexpected notes of a mushroom blend.

2 reviews for PolkaDot Godiva Strawberries Dark Chocolate 5G

  1. Jefferson

    I must say the team working behind the scenes are doing a perfect job. I opted for the express shipping and I was not disappointed. Big 👍

    • Steve

      Hi Jefferson, Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Andre

    I take this close to bedtime in order to sleep off the effect when it kicks in. I would say 3 to 7 piece will give the best result for a peaceful night-rest.

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