PolkaDot Gummies Strawberry 4G

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Packaging Type: Box
Product Type: Mushroom Gummies
Purpose: Food
Variety used: Psilocybe cubensis
Mushroom Blend: 4 grams
Grams per piece: 400mg
Product Brand: PolkaDot
Pieces per pack: 10 Gummies
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Step into a world of vibrant colors, tantalizing flavors, and irresistible charm, where the sweet and tangy converge in perfect harmony. Welcome to the delightful realm of PolkaDot Gummies Strawberry flavor, where every bite is a symphony of taste and texture that will leave you craving more. These delectable treats are not just a snack, but an experience that will transport you back to a time of carefree childhood joys, when the simplest pleasures in life brought the greatest happiness.

3 reviews for PolkaDot Gummies Strawberry 4G

  1. Kevin H.

    I appreciate the slight dusting of sugar, taste more natural compared to processed sugar. I am a vegan and this treat is my go-to for calmness and relaxation.

    • Steve

      Hi Kevin, We appreciate the feedback.

  2. Danny

    Delivered exactly what was promised 👍

  3. Patty D.

    These gummies are truly delicious and are perfect for microdosing. This is my first time having them, and they are worth every penny.

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