PolkaDot Milk Belgian Chocolate 5G

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Packaging Type: Box
Product Type: Mushroom Chocolate
Purpose: Food
Variety used: Psilocybe cubensis
Mushroom Blend: 5 grams
Grams per piece: 333mg
Product Brand: PolkaDot
Serving Size: 3-15 Pieces
Servings per bar: 5

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Revel in pure elegance with our Classic Polkadot Belgian Milk Chocolate Bar. The gluten-free silky smoothness of premium milk chocolate is a timeless journey of taste, offering a comforting chocolate embrace. Savor every piece with delight and embark on a sensational taste adventure with every bite.

2 reviews for PolkaDot Milk Belgian Chocolate 5G

  1. K-186

    With the polkadot bars, it’s not just about the chocolate experience. The trip is so much fun and exciting.

  2. Harry M.

    Cool NFT Reward!

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Belgian milk chocolate, organic psilocybe cubensis, cacao butter.
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